Our auditors conduct financial, performance, and information technology audits. In addition, we investigate allegations we receive on our Government Waste Hotline, and monitor the financial audits of Oregon municipalities.

We are a learning organization seeking to build a workforce of professionals who can leverage their skills and knowledge into recommendations that improve state agencies for the benefit of all Oregonians.

We choose our audit topics, focusing on agencies and areas needing attention. We work in teams to analyze and synthesize a broad array of quantitative and qualitative information about a state agency’s resources, workloads, and results to prepare recommendations on operational, budgetary, organization and other administrative matters. We have expertise in a variety of analytical tools to address the range of issues we might encounter in the agencies we audit.

We think our office has a great working environment and our audits really do make a difference for Oregon. Oregon is a wonderful place to live and we work to keep it that way.

The Audits Division is comprised of 69 professional auditors supported by 2 operations staff. Its biennial budget of around $26 million is largely funded through an assessment of agencies based upon factors such as their total budget and staffing.