After 30 years of public auditing, Gary Blackmer announces retirement

Gary Blackmer OAD Director

Gary Blackmer
OAD Director

Blackmer wraps up a distinguished and respected career as government watchdog SALEM – State auditor Gary Blackmer announced his retirement this morning, effective December 31st. He was appointed Director of… Read More at the SoS Blog.

Source: After 30 years of public auditing, Gary Blackmer announces retirement

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Interested in Audit Work? Come Meet Us this Month

The Audits Division holds its annual “Meet the Agency” event on Oct. 30, an opportunity for potential job candidates to meet the division’s financial, performance and information technology auditors and learn about our work.

capitol mapThe event runs from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Oct. 30, in Room 50 on the lower level of the state Capitol, 900 Court St. NE. Attendees will hear from current auditors and interact with them in small group discussions. Email audits.recruiting@state.or.us by Oct. 23rd to RSVP.

The Secretary of State’s Audits Division hires three types of auditors:

Financial auditors

  • Duties: Audit Oregon’s financial statements, evaluate compliance with grant requirements and rules, and determine whether agencies have adequate internal controls in place. Perform investigations and issue other public reports on financial and compliance projects.
  • Qualifications: Typical candidates have an accounting major or a degree that includes upper division accounting courses, plus a year or more of auditing experience. Internships are also available.

Performance auditors

  • Duties: Analyze data, conduct interviews and look for best practices to determine how agencies can improve. Write public reports detailing potential improvements.
  • Qualifications: Candidates typically have a year or more of experience in auditing or program evaluation or analysis. The division accepts a Bachelor’s degree or higher in one of 12 majors, such as business or public administration, social services, economics, public health and journalism.

Information technology auditors

  • Duties: Review and evaluate agency information systems and evaluate control effectiveness. Write public reports on agency performance and potential improvements.
  • Qualifications: Typical candidates have a year or more of professional IT experience. The division accepts degrees, or degrees with upper division course work, in computer science, management information systems, accounting or business administration.

This event is an information session. Please contact the Secretary of State’s Human Resources Division at sos.jobs@state.or.us for current job announcements and information on how to apply.


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GAO report blog pic

GAO Report: Incomplete information on collective performance of rental assistance programs nationwide

Last week the GAO released a report looking at the roles federal, state, and local governments play in providing rental assistance and developing affordable rental housing for low-income households.

“Affordable Rental Housing: Assistance is Provided by Federal, State, and Local Programs, but There is Incomplete Information on Collective Performance” (GAO-15-645)

GAO partnered with 25 state and local audit offices to complete the study, including the Oregon Audits Division, the Multnomah County Auditor’s Office, and the City of Portland.

GAO found that the information on collective performance of federal, state, and local rental assistance programs nationwide is incomplete.

“Without information on the government-wide performance of rental assistance, the Congress, decision makers, and stakeholders at all levels of government are hampered in their ability to set priorities and allocate resources. While complete and reliable information is a vital component of assessing effectiveness, GAO recognizes it is difficult to identify relevant federal, state, and local programs; collect performance information from multiple levels of government; and synthesize the information to reflect collective performance. HUD, the nation’s leading housing agency, in consultation with the RPWG, is well positioned to capitalize on its existing collaboration among federal agencies and with state and local jurisdictions.”

(Excerpt from the highlights page of the GAO report.)

GAO report blog pic

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Secretary of State Atkins Celebrates National Voter Registration Day

Today at the Cedar Mills Community Library, Secretary of State Jeanne P. Atkins will remind Oregonians that citizen engagement begins in our local communities.  As part of a National Voter Registration Day celebration at the library, Secretary Atkins will encourage communities throughout Oregon to register to vote…

Read more at the SoS Blog!

Source: Secretary of State Atkins Celebrates National Voter Registration Day

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How do we find great auditors?

The Oregon Audits Division is holding a ‘Meet the Agency’ event for people interested in a job as a financial or performance auditor.  Come join us Friday, October 30, 2015 from 11:30 – 2:30 at the Oregon State Capitol, Room 50 to speak with our staff and learn what we do. To see the event flier, click here. Watch the Secretary of State jobs page for the chance to apply.

Every fall we initiate our hiring efforts. Auditing is a profession that is often misunderstood, but has many features that, once discovered, can offer a very fulfilling career.

We start by announcing on our website that we will be holding a ‘Meet the Agency’ session, usually late October. Meet the Agency is a chance for us to show off our office, and to speak to potential applicants about what we do, and who we are. We describe our activities in financial, performance, and information technology auditing. We also provide an opportunity for applicants to sit down with our auditors and ask questions. We want them to have a clear understanding of the role, responsibilities, and satisfactions of becoming an auditor.

mtaOur application is posted on the Secretary of State’s website and is conducted online. We ask for education and employment history and usually ask a couple questions to get a more detailed sense of the applicant. We require applicants to submit their college transcripts as well.

Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications get their written application reviewed for a possible interview. We schedule an interview with the top-ranked applicants then make a decision on hiring.

From the close of the announcements to a hiring decision is generally about 6 to 8 weeks. New hires must also successfully pass a criminal background check.

We consider our hiring decisions the most important ones we make. New hires should also know that we conduct several evaluations during their trial service period to give them feedback on their learning and progress to be an auditor. We take this period very seriously because we sometimes have to make the difficult decision to dismiss those who struggle with the work.

We look for certain characteristics of success in all our applicants, and special kinds of skills and expertise for our financial, performance, and information technology auditors. All our auditors need good interpersonal skills because so much of our work depends upon engaging and interviewing agency personnel. We look for candidates with a nature to ask questions and get answers. We must also be quick to learn the wide range of the activities performed by more than 40,000 other state employees 150 agencies, boards, commissions, and departments. Lastly, our auditors need to communicate what they find, so clear and concise writing is a fundamental skill.

Fin wallFor our financial auditors we require a strong accounting background, of course. But auditing is different than accounting and we either hire or develop a ‘reviewer’ perspective in these auditors. We expect them to apply their judgment in determining whether agencies have carried out their financial work properly.

IT wallOur information technology auditors should have a good grounding in computer systems and some accounting skills can be a bonus, since we are often testing the reliability of financial data in major state applications. We are also looking for applicants with an interest in learning about computer systems and checking them for security vulnerabilities.

We want our performance auditors to be comfortable with numbers, and also have an ability to see the ‘big picture’ and connect it to the critical details. Applicants should bring an understanding of organizations and management principles which can reveal the sources of many of our audit findings.

We have high expectations of our auditor applicants but that also brings them a deep satisfaction when they earn a place in the Secretary of State’s office. Once here, they find a rich variety of experiences that offer long-term personal growth, teamwork with peers and managers that break big challenges down into answers and solutions. That means a fulfilling career serving Oregonians by improving government and holding it accountable.

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LinkedIn pic

OAD is on LinkedIn!

With all the social media platforms available, it can sometimes to challenging to figure out which one to use, and when to use it.

LinkedIn is a social networking site aimed at professionals. At its most basic level, LinkedIn allows individuals and organizations to create profile pages and connect or follow each other. LinkedIn connections often represent real-world professional relationships. Organizations can post employment opportunities, job-seekers can build easily accessible profiles, and recruiters can search for promising candidates.

Unlike other social media sites, this is not the platform to tell the world what you ate for dinner or share a photo of your adorable puppy. LinkedIn IS the platform to maintain a living resume (your profile), tell the world that your organization is hiring, and endorse your co-worker for being an amazing presenter.

In addition to the OAD blog, we’ve also recently established our company page on LinkedIn. It is another tool to share news of our audit releases and to connect with those in the auditing community around the world. It also provides another venue for recruiting talented auditors for open positions in our office.

We hope you will consider connecting with us by following our company page on LinkedIn. Keep your eyes open for position announcements now and in the future. (In fact, we currently have an opening for an IT Staff Auditor!)

Oregon Secretary of State Audits Division LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/oregon-secretary-of-state-audits-division

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Audits in the News: Sept. 14

We here in the audits division are proud that the work we do makes a difference. Our work attracts the attention of the legislature, statewide news sources, and even local media outlets. Local media coverage of our audits is just another way we communicate with the people of Oregon about the work that we’re doing on their behalf to make government better. This is part of an ongoing series of posts rounding up recent instances in which the Oregon Audits Division makes a cameo in the local news.

The Oregon Audits Division recently released its audit of the Oregon State Hospital, which found that management has taken significant action to improve safety and patient care, both for the patients and staff. However, more action is still needed to continue improvements and promote patient recovery. You can read the full audit here.

The hard work of the audit team did not go unnoticed, with several media outlets picking up the story.

KTVZ – Ore. State Hospital audit: Much progress, much more to do

Read the story here.

“The Oregon State Hospital has made progress during a decade of change, but more can be done to improve mental health treatment, staff safety and fatigue, and the electronic records system, according to an audit released Wednesday by the secretary of state’s office.

KLCC  Audit Finds More Can Be Done To Improve State Hospital

Read the story here.

“The Oregon State Psychiatric Hospital has made progress during a decade of change. But more can be done to improve mental health treatment and staff safety. That’s according to a recent audit by the Secretary of State’s office.”

Older audits are continuing to receive media attention, too. Our audit of the Oregon Lottery found that a lack of clarity in the law about what constitutes a “casino” is allowing several retailers to operate as such, receiving most of their income from video gambling machines.

Portland Tribune  Our Opinion: State needs to enforce own lottery laws

Read the story here.

“State lawmakers must look for ways to eliminate some of the dens of addiction that the current Oregon Lottery supports. If necessary, lawmakers should consider adding to state statute further limitations on the number of lottery terminals allowed in certain retail locations … A secretary of state audit released last week concluded that the Oregon Lottery might be allowing lottery cafes to operate as casinos, even though the Oregon Constitution bans casinos on nontribal lands.

Additionally, the Audits Division looked into the Oregon Department of Energy’s tax credit programs in response to a hotline call. Read our letter to the agency here.

Albany Democrat-Herald  Editorial: Tax-credit mess has lessons for governor

Read the story here.

“Gov. Kate Brown’s decision to take a hard look at how the Oregon Department of Energy is managing the state’s energy tax credit program is welcome, but overdue, considering the program’s troubled history. The results of the review will be fascinating — and the governor needs to emphasize transparency at every step in the process.

Brown’s call came in the wake of an audit from the Secretary of State’s office that concluded, among other findings, that the Energy Department appeared to be violating its own administrative rules (and the Legislature’s intent) by allowing recipients of energy tax credits to sell them to third parties at steep discounts.”

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