As auditors, we provide workable recommendations to our auditees in an effort to improve government performance on all fronts. By keeping apprised of issues facing Oregon citizens, we can further help Oregon government respond effectively to the needs of the public.

We gather information on relevant, timely and auditable topics throughout the year; topic ideas and requests come from the legislature, from state agencies, from a variety of public stakeholders, and even from our fraud, waste and abuse hotline.

In April of this year, the Oregon Audits Division released a report highlighting three challenges facing the state of Oregon: educating Oregon’s workforce, developing infrastructure, and strengthening public finances. Each challenge profiled is complex and multifaceted. Addressing these issues requires coordination not only between local, state and federal government, but between government at large and the communities served.

What issues and challenges do you see facing Oregon in the near future? Take our poll and let us know!