We here in the audits division are proud that the work we do makes a difference. Our work attracts the attention of the legislature, statewide news sources, and even local media outlets. Local media coverage of our audits is just another way we communicate with the people of Oregon about the work that we’re doing on their behalf to make government better. This is part of an ongoing series of posts rounding up recent instances in which the Oregon Audits Division makes a cameo in the local news.

The Oregon Audits Division recently released its audit of the Oregon State Hospital, which found that management has taken significant action to improve safety and patient care, both for the patients and staff. However, more action is still needed to continue improvements and promote patient recovery. You can read the full audit here.

The hard work of the audit team did not go unnoticed, with several media outlets picking up the story.

KTVZ – Ore. State Hospital audit: Much progress, much more to do

Read the story here.

“The Oregon State Hospital has made progress during a decade of change, but more can be done to improve mental health treatment, staff safety and fatigue, and the electronic records system, according to an audit released Wednesday by the secretary of state’s office.

KLCC  Audit Finds More Can Be Done To Improve State Hospital

Read the story here.

“The Oregon State Psychiatric Hospital has made progress during a decade of change. But more can be done to improve mental health treatment and staff safety. That’s according to a recent audit by the Secretary of State’s office.”

Older audits are continuing to receive media attention, too. Our audit of the Oregon Lottery found that a lack of clarity in the law about what constitutes a “casino” is allowing several retailers to operate as such, receiving most of their income from video gambling machines.

Portland Tribune  Our Opinion: State needs to enforce own lottery laws

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“State lawmakers must look for ways to eliminate some of the dens of addiction that the current Oregon Lottery supports. If necessary, lawmakers should consider adding to state statute further limitations on the number of lottery terminals allowed in certain retail locations … A secretary of state audit released last week concluded that the Oregon Lottery might be allowing lottery cafes to operate as casinos, even though the Oregon Constitution bans casinos on nontribal lands.

Additionally, the Audits Division looked into the Oregon Department of Energy’s tax credit programs in response to a hotline call. Read our letter to the agency here.

Albany Democrat-Herald  Editorial: Tax-credit mess has lessons for governor

Read the story here.

“Gov. Kate Brown’s decision to take a hard look at how the Oregon Department of Energy is managing the state’s energy tax credit program is welcome, but overdue, considering the program’s troubled history. The results of the review will be fascinating — and the governor needs to emphasize transparency at every step in the process.

Brown’s call came in the wake of an audit from the Secretary of State’s office that concluded, among other findings, that the Energy Department appeared to be violating its own administrative rules (and the Legislature’s intent) by allowing recipients of energy tax credits to sell them to third parties at steep discounts.”