With all the social media platforms available, it can sometimes to challenging to figure out which one to use, and when to use it.

LinkedIn is a social networking site aimed at professionals. At its most basic level, LinkedIn allows individuals and organizations to create profile pages and connect or follow each other. LinkedIn connections often represent real-world professional relationships. Organizations can post employment opportunities, job-seekers can build easily accessible profiles, and recruiters can search for promising candidates.

Unlike other social media sites, this is not the platform to tell the world what you ate for dinner or share a photo of your adorable puppy. LinkedIn IS the platform to maintain a living resume (your profile), tell the world that your organization is hiring, and endorse your co-worker for being an amazing presenter.

In addition to the OAD blog, we’ve also recently established our company page on LinkedIn. It is another tool to share news of our audit releases and to connect with those in the auditing community around the world. It also provides another venue for recruiting talented auditors for open positions in our office.

We hope you will consider connecting with us by following our company page on LinkedIn. Keep your eyes open for position announcements now and in the future. (In fact, we currently have an opening for an IT Staff Auditor!)

Oregon Secretary of State Audits Division LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/oregon-secretary-of-state-audits-division