Audits in the News: The division’s fraud hotline is featured in The Daily Astorian.

We here in the audits division are proud that the work we do makes a difference. Our work attracts the attention of the legislature, statewide news sources, and even local media outlets. Local media coverage of our audits is just another way we communicate with the people of Oregon about the work that we’re doing on their behalf to make government better. This is part of an ongoing series of posts rounding up recent instances in which the Oregon Audits Division makes a cameo in the local news.

In addition to our audits, the division is responsible for the Secretary of State’s government waste, fraud and abuse hotline. The hotline accepts anonymous calls and complaints from citizens and investigates instances in which waste or abuse of resources — or downright fraud — may be occurring within state government. Recently, our hotline received a little media coverage of its own.

The Daily Astorian – Calls to government waste hotline at a five-year high

Read the story here.

“As of Nov. 10, the agency had received 235 complaints, according to audit manager V. Dale Bond at the Secretary of State’s Audits Division. Employees still have to go back to remove any duplicate complaints, but the highest number of complaints in the last five years was 184 complaints in 2010, according to an email from Bond. The lowest number of complaints during that period was 145 complaints in 2012.”

Photo: © Kornwa | Dreamstime Stock Photos