“Dudes, the State of the Union is my Superbowl. I look forward to this event like some people anticipate the Oscars. This is my deal. Why? Because the enhanced version of the SOTU features a data-based slideshow, a perfect study in how graphics can help underscore a point. And, as every year, the White House graphic design team hits some out of the park and strikes out on others.”


SOTU example of using data to illustrate a point

Read more here from the wise and very entertaining data wizard Stephanie Evergreen and her “review” of the State of the Union 2016 address (or rather, the graphics used during the SOTU speech). Evergreen is widely regarded as a master of simple and digestible data visualization using a basic Excel program. She also shares useful how-to’s that anyone who works with data (not just auditors) can understand and start applying to their own work.