The Oregon Secretary of State Government Waste Hotline (hotline) was established in 1995 to provide a way for the public to report possible instances of fraud, waste, or abuse of state funds. Approximately $16 million in questioned costs have been identified since the inception of the hotline. As required by law, we prepare an annual hotline report to summarize the activity reported during the most recently ended calendar year. During calendar year 2015 the hotline received 243 initial reports (up 35% from the prior year) ranging from requests for information to reports requiring further review.

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This report summarizes activity reported through the Oregon Secretary of State Government Waste Hotline (hotline) in calendar year 2015. As required by Oregon Revised Statute 177.180, we describe the number, nature and resolution of hotline reports received during the year.

The toll-free hotline was established in 1995 for public employees and members of the public to report waste, inefficiency or abuse by state agencies, state employees or persons under contract with state agencies. The hotline’s toll-free number connects callers to professional operators who receive reports 24 hours a day. In addition to a toll-free telephone line, hotline reports may be submitted through other methods such as online reporting, email, and telephone calls directly to the Secretary of State, Audits Division (division). Staff at the division review each hotline report and determine which reports to investigate further.

Since the inception of the hotline, we have identified approximately $16 million in questioned costs. Those amounts represent misappropriated public and private funds, questionable expenditures, monies not spent in accordance with applicable laws, errors in federal awards, and potential savings that could result from improved efficiencies or elimination of waste or abuse.

The hotline received 243 initial reports in calendar year 2015. The nature of the reports varied from requests for information to reports that may warrant further investigation. We resolved reports by performing reviews, referring reports to contacts at other public bodies for their consideration and review, referring callers to appropriate contacts, and providing requested information. Six reports from calendar year 2015 remain open and may result in a review, audit or investigation.

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