There are many potential pathways to suicide, and the reasons for it may be complex and particular to each person. This makes it difficult to determine what can increase or reduce the risk of suicide, and means that there is no single solution for preventing suicide. Therefore, it is important that public agencies in New Zealand collect and use good information about suicide to help them find ways to prevent it.

The Controller and Auditor-General of New Zealand recently released a report on the collection and use of information about suicide, and how that information may be used to prevent suicide attempts in the future.

State agencies in Oregon may find such information useful as well. It was reported in our 2015 Oregon State Hospital audit that “according to a 2012 Oregon Health Authority (OHA) report, suicide rates have climbed since 2000 and are the second leading cause of death for Oregonians aged 15-34.”

Read more here to learn about the collection and uses of information on suicide in New Zealand. If you’re short on time, you can also check out the report summary.