Life is busy. Luckily, there are some tools we can use to help keep track of everything. Take advantage of notification tools built into Outlook to help manage your calendar. My new personal favorite is text alerts sent right to my phone.

Step 1: Log into Outlook Web Portal (Many State of Oregon Employees use, although it may vary by agency)

Step 2: Open “Options” in the top right and click on “Show all Options”

How to - outlook notifications 1

Step 3: Click on the “Phone” tab and select “Text Messaging”

How to - outlook notifications 2

Step 4: Select “Set up Calendar Notifications”

how to - outlook notifications 3

Now you have a dialog box with several options to select. My preference is to get text messages whenever my calendar is changed within the next two days. I also like to receive a daily agenda each morning at 5:30.

With these tools you can help stay in front of your busy life.

Ian Green, CGAP and OAD Senior Auditor

Ian Green, CGAP and OAD Senior Auditor