We here at the Oregon Audits Division work hard to help the great ship of state stay the course; steering agencies around obvious road blocks, skirting the treacherous shores of departmental mismanagement, and generally ensuring that Oregon state government is performing to the best of its abilities for the benefit of all Oregonians. Needless to say, we think Oregon is a pretty keen place. And what better way to show we care than to share some of the (sometimes) strange and (always) wonderful places to visit in this state we call home?

Atlas Obscura has compiled a colorful list of some of Oregon’s more unusual offerings. There are some familiar locations represented here, such as beautiful Multnomah Falls:



There are quirky shops and museums that cater to the more eclectic, even eccentric, among us. Behold the handiwork of artist Jim Stewart at the Zymoglyphic Musem:


There are also some places even lifelong Oregonians may have yet to visit, such as Gravity Hill on Old Fort Road near Klamath Falls, where local legend has it that gravity works in reverse.


(As well-adjusted and reasonable people, we’d like to think we know better than to believe local legends over the Law of Gravity. But.)

Interested in seeing how many of these places you yourself have visited (and how many you haven’t gotten around to yet)? Click here!

And fear not, Audit blog regulars! We’ll return later this week with more auditing insights.

Stay tuned!