Haslam and Knight asked their participants a variety of questions about how they rated the office they had been working in. They loved the empowered office and hated both the lean and disempowered ones, complaining of being bored or even of physical discomfort such as feeling too hot. And their feelings of despair became all embracing: if they disliked the office space, they also disliked the company that was hosting it, and they disliked the task they were doing in it.

Tim Harford, an economist and senior columnist at the Financial Times, explores the implications of environmental control over workers’ productivity and general satisfaction in this TED article.

As auditors, we spend a great deal of time plunking away at computers in cubicles and offices. Does it help us to be the best auditors we can be if we get to decide if our pot of succulents should sit next to our tastefully displayed framed family cat pictures, or whether those succulents would look better in the window? Tests carried out by Haslam and King indicate that it may- they also indicate that should an unwitting coworker move the succulents off the window sill, there could be heck to pay.


Succulents: Do they cure- or create- office strife?

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