All told, my classification of Arab or Middle Eastern ancestry shows that 2.8 million U.S. residents, or just over 1 percent identifies as such. Here in Oregon the figures are 27,000 and 0.8 percent. To help put those figures in perspective here in Oregon, that’s roughly equivalent to a city the size of Redmond or Tualatin, or slightly larger than Union or Wasco counties.

Oregon isn’t known for being a particularly diverse state. According to the Office of Economic Analysis, despite an uptick in domestic migration, when it comes to inbound migration from other parts of the world, Oregon still lags behind many other states. However, Oregon’s overall diversity is increasing at a faster rate than some other states (due perhaps in part to our relatively small and relatively homogenous population- we have more room for growth and change, and that growth and change may be more apparent).

The Office of Economic Analysis looks into the numbers behind some of these demographic trends in this post.