Mentorship is one of the most powerful tools for aspiring internal audit professionals and also provides valuable experiences to mentors. Early in my career, several professionals informally provided me with advice, suggestions, and guidance that helped bring me to where I am today. At the time, I did not realize these individuals were acting as “mentors” but the knowledge, experience, and insights they provided shaped the decisions I made…

At a recent internal audit forum, IIA Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer Bill Michalisin co-facilitated a panel on mentoring and career management… As a fellow Emerging Leader, I reached out to Michalisin and some of the panelists and asked them to share their perspectives on mentorship with Internal Auditor’s readers.

Internal auditor Bill Stahl explores the benefits of formal and informal mentoring in the audit community, and makes suggestions on what to look for in a mentor, where they can be found, and makes the case for mentoring others.

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