Through frequent conversations with practitioners who are relatively new to the internal audit profession — including both people within and outside my organization — it seems there is a disconnect when it comes to feedback. Manager-level employees tell me they often provide informal feedback to the staff and senior auditors who work with them. Meanwhile, those same managers’ staff and seniors say they don’t receive enough feedback, don’t know if they are “on track,” and don’t know what they are doing well and what they can im​prove. This is where a few simple conversation areas can reap great benefits.

Laura Soileau, a director in Postlethwaite & Netterville’s Consulting Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, discusses the importance of ongoing communication and relationship building in the workplace when delivering – and receiving – feedback (both in formal performance evaluations and day-to-day). She provides a list of useful questions for supervisors and staff to ask each other, and to ask themselves. Maintaining healthy working relationships and keeping the lines of communication open, professional, and productive “should be a shared responsibility.” Feedback is crucial to keeping performance on track, but in this case, the ‘who and how’ is almost as important as the ‘why.’

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