Audit Scotland ReBlog: Audit Scotland goes global

Scotland’s financial devolution settlement is complex and ever-changing. Our health and social care services have gone through a sustained period of reform, and they continue to face demographic challenges. Community empowerment legislation is changing the way local decisions about services and public spending are made. Add in Brexit and talk of a potential further referendum on Scottish independence, and Scotland makes a fascinating case study for the people charged with tracking public money from our fellow audit institutions overseas.


Learn more about how our compatriots ‘cross the pond are handling the ongoing social and economic changes in Scotland here.

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Audit Scotland Reblog: How can we transform health and social care in Scotland?

At Audit Scotland, we support the improvement of public services by looking at how public money is spent, and whether public policies are achieving desired outcomes for individuals and bodies. We carried out extensive work recently on health and social care services in Scotland, which face a number of challenges from reducing budgets, increased demand, and an ageing population.

Check out the great video Audit Scotland prepared below to outline some of the challenges Scotland faces in health and social services, and recommendations for the responsible agencies on how best to address some of those challenges.

Excellent work, Audit Scotland!

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Audit Scotland Reblog: A stronger code for new auditors

Two years ago we recognised that if we wanted to deliver a world class public audit service, we’d need to revise and improve the code. The challenge was to produce a code grounded in legislation and auditing standards but which could also be applied by auditors to the wider scope of  public audit  and the developing approach to the audit of Best Value.

Audit Scotland writes about revisiting and revising their auditing code to best create the audit of ‘Best Value’ in this insightful post. The revised code will make it easier for financial and performance auditors to work together, and requires auditors to provide conclusions on ‘financial sustainability, financial management, governance and transparency, and value for money.’

Read more at A stronger new code for auditors — Audit Scotland

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Audit Scotland Reblog: Making our data come to life

Ever thinking about the world of auditing ‘cross the pond?’ (Or, in our case, around the desert, over the mountains, through the woods, and THEN ‘cross the pond.) If not, you’re probably not alone. Fortunately for us, and for the country of Scotland, they have a dedicated audit shop with their own blog!

In a recent presentation, Audit Scotland employed interactive Tableau software to better present data on the funding of infrastructure projects throughout Scotland.

“What we found is that the interactivity highlights data and trends that might be missed in a big table of information. Not only does the software make data look great it also does the analysis quicker than what we have done in the past. We are now thinking of whether Tableau could be used to help us scope our performance audits.

We hope this gives people a better understanding of how the public pound is spent in Scotland. And it may help councils and other public bodies make useful comparisons and help sharing of best practice.”

Read more here about Audit Scotland’s first foray into interactive data. You may well be reading about the future of auditing itself; almost anything quantifiable can be presented in creative and illuminating ways. Play with the Tableau presentation itself here.

Click here to read up on Scotland the country, and here to look at even more pictures of Shetland ponies wearing sweaters (or just watch the video below).

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