GAO WatchBlog Reblog: Examining ocean acidification on World Oceans Day

Increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and oceans are resulting in chemical changes known as “ocean acidification.” These changes may pose risks for some marine species and ecosystems, as well as for the coastal communities that rely on them for food and commerce.

For World Oceans Day, we explore ocean acidification

The GAO reviewed steps taken by the NOAA and other federal agencies to address ocean acidification, a side effect of increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and found that they had not completely followed through on each of the steps required in the Federal Ocean Acidification and Monitoring Act. The GAO made four recommendations to the Executive Office of the President, which included better defining agency roles and creating an information exchange on the topic.

Read more here to learn how ocean acidification happens, what its effects may be, and what the federal government is doing to address the issue. Click here to learn more about World Oceans Day on June 8th. (A day late, we know, but June 8th comes every year.)

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