GAO RePodcast: Health Care Fraud Schemes

How do you find—and stop—fraudsters among Medicare and Medicaid’s 100 million beneficiaries, countless providers, and more than $1 trillion in annual spending? It helps to know what you’re looking for…

Kathleen King, Director of the GAO Health Team, shares her team’s findings in the GAO podcast. Generally, the majority of cases included more than one health care fraud scheme – some of the cases had five or more schemes. The most common  schemes were related to billing fraud, such as billing for services that had not been provided. Health care providers were involved in the majority of cases.

The GAO also looked at whether or not the use of smart cards could have affected the number of cases. Due to provider complicity in the fraud schemes, however, it was determined that the use of smart cards would not have had a significant effect.


Listen to the podcast below:

Read the report here.

Or, to visit the GAO WatchBlog and listen in, follow this link: Health Care Fraud Schemes (podcast)


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