Governing RePost: The secret benefits of sharing government services

Each September, Umatilla County, Ore., hosts the Pendleton Round-Up, a massive rodeo that draws 50,000 people, nearly doubling the county’s population. Cowboys and cowgirls from across the country bring their broncos to compete, while guests line up to watch them battle bulls and rope steers, among other things, over the three-day affair.

But bringing so many people together has a downside: Each year, there are always outbreaks of communicable diseases such as rotavirus and influenza. Umatilla County’s public health professionals have the unenviable task of containing these outbreaks. Fortunately, they don’t go it alone.

Does the beneficial sharing of government services lead to cost benefits as well? Justin Marlowe explores that question in this article.

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Headwaters Economics ReBlog: Trails are good for all but not available to all

Trails are good for people.

Walking, running, biking, and strolling on trails improves physical health, mental health, and factors that are harder to measure such as social connection and community identity.

Safe, walkable trails, however, often are less available to the populations that need them the most.

Patricia Gude with Headwaters Economics explores the benefits trails and natural space have for communities, and the barriers to access to those spaces some communities struggle with. Read more here.

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